First presented on the 2018 WBC stage, Craig shares his Coffee Tasting Matrix, a system that builds coffee evaluation skills and communicates quality.

The Coffee Tasting Matrix

How to assess coffee in 3 easy steps…

There are many resources available to coffee professionals to assist with quality evaluation. Most recognisable forms are well suited to the assessment of green bean and coffee quality, based on standardised roasting and method of preparation. For sometime there’s been a disconnect between the assessment of a finished beverage and that of production coffee. In 2018 Craig took this concept to the world barista stage, presenting his ideology for a universal coffee language, one that helped consumers to break down a coffees evaluation into 3 easy steps.

The Coffee Tasting Matrix can be used for any coffee beverage, unlike other evaluation sheets that focus on a single preparation.  In Craig’s experience learning the skills of coffee assessment comes with time and practise, as you match your taste experiences to your flavour memory. As a qualified Q-Grade instructor, Craig believes the most valuable skill for any coffee professional is to be confident in their assessment. This comes with an understanding of what ‘quality’ means in the broader spectrum.

“It’s not enough to simply taste lots of coffee from different origins and varietals of  varying qualities, you need to build an awareness of the structural characteristics depicted in coffee and how this information can be used to assess the overall quality.  This is where the matrix helps, by simplifying the assessment process, capturing the key components in 3 simple actions” – Craig.

The Coffee Tasting Matrix aims to promote an evaluation system that is both efficient and effective. A tool that can be used by everyone, particularly people who enjoy developing coffee skills and in situations where documented quality outcomes are needed quickly.

We are happy to share the Coffee Tasting Matrix with our friends and followers and hope that you will document and share your experiences using the form. We’ll be uploading examples to our social media accounts @criteriacoffee and @criteriacoffee.bycraig #dialitincoffee

Start using the Criteria Coffee Taste Matrix today
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