BOLIVIA – Los Rodriguez. SL34, Washed Anaerobic 75hrs (microlot)

Tates of: Bourbon, tangerine, toffee

Filter roast

100g reusable tin.


Los Rodriguez Family – SL34. Washed Anaerobic 75 hours.

Filter roast, 100g

Tastes of:  Bourbon, tangerine, toffee

Meaning ‘Rest of the Heights’, nestled within the mountain ranges you will find Floripondio, a 29-hectare farm established in 2014 by the Los Rodriguez Family.  Handpicked with utmost care, this limited 40kg micro-lot has undergone an experimental and precisely controlled washed anaerobic process. With 75 hours of fermentation and 88 hours of machine drying, every detail has been meticulously attended to.

The Los Rodriguez family name has become synonymous with Bolivian coffees, since 2009, Pedro, Daniela and Pedro Pablo Rodríguez have contributed to sustaining the countries production through the management of 12 farms and the establishment of a mentoring program, Sol de Mañana (2014).  Focusing on giving small producers an education and training in coffee production, along with technical assistance to improve their farms and increase both the quality and quantity of their yields. This SL34 coffee is a wonderful example of their skill and achievements as producers but also as custodians of their countries unique coffee production.

Continuing on from the success of the families first independent auction “The Los Rodreguz Collection” Craig spoke with Daniela Rodriguez about the families commitment to elevating Bolivian coffee production and the challenges that this small but important producing origin has experienced and overcome. Daniela’s passion for her country and community is undeniable, it was a pleasure to meet her and share in a tasting event that we hosted at Criteria introducing the auction collection samples.


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Weight .26 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 9.5 × 6 cm


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