BRAZIL – Small Producers of Piatã. Red and Yellow Catuaí

Red and Yellow Catuaí

Pulped Natural

Tastes of: Caramel, Creme Brule, Apple, Mandarin. 


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Brazilian coffee’s are widely used as the foundation for blends for carrying other elements that typically are the ‘more exciting’ components.

That is way this single origin Brazil from the small producers of Piata is an absolute stand out. It deserves our full attention and has it 100%. With complex flavours, a luscious texture and crisp clean acidity, this coffee excites us as a very high quality coffee that you can enjoy in it’s entirety.

Roasted for Espresso it pairs perfectly with milk, or when roasted for filter has a wonderful viscosity that highlights the creamy sweet flavour notes. 

We taste a lot of coffee. We use a lot of Brazil in our day-to-day work. This coffee is simply said, fantastic and has certainly impressed us.

Tastes of: Caramel, Creme Brule, Apple, Mandarin. 


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Ground or Whole Beans

Beans, Ground

Roasted for

Espresso, Filter