BURUNDI – Kirasa, Natural

Tastes of: Strawberry, Raspberry, Violet Candy


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2022 Fresh Crop Arrival

What motivates us to choose the coffees we pick?

There is always the obvious, we strive to find delicious coffees, however our process is more thoughtful than just that.  

We love exploring coffee, finding new producers, new processing methods and interesting varietals as our explorations link us to the next origin relationship and the next exciting coffee. We also value the existing relationships we have with our green partners by committing to coffees before they are harvested giving the farmers the confidence of guaranteed sales, known volume plus secured income. This trust, helps us to select a range of coffees that uphold our high standards for quality. Whether you like fruity coffees, comforting chocolatey coffees or experimental lots, the 2022 assortment that we’ve selected is truly sensational. We’re extremely proud to be roasting these coffees and can’t wait to share each origin story with you….

Introducing BURUNDI – Kirasa, Natural

Tastes of: Strawberry, Raspberry, Violet Candy.

Our second release from Burundi for 2022 is equally captivating as our first with its ‘sweet treat’ berry flavours and crystal clarity. We’ve not had the opportunity to visit this origin country but the location of Kirasa sounds breathtaking, surrounded by high climbing hills and right next to the Kirasa River.

“Many of the farmers in the region intercrop their plots with banana trees, creating not only shade for coffee trees but also a much needed food source for their family. Mill manager Emile Ndikumasabo, alongside agronomist Anne-Marie have been producing natural fertilizer from discarded coffee pulp. The pulp is placed in a shallow pit in the ground where its covered up with soil and allowed to naturally ferment. The end result is used to fertilize the coffee seedlings in their nursery. Once the seedlings grow they are then handed out to farmers to renovate their coffee gardens. Traditionally coffee produced at Kirasa was only washed, but this year Emile and his team implemented natural process. Special care is taken with sorting and drying to produce a clean and extraordinarily sweet cup” – origin story courtesy of our import partners Condesa. 

Looking to contrast and compare? We’d highly recommend you try this sweet natural against the also fruit forward Burundi Akawa Project washed Bourbon, brew for filter  to experience the subtle differences that processing represents.

Keen to learn how we’ll be preparing this coffee?  Take a master class with our brew-guide here.

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Espresso, Filter

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