COLOMBIA Diego Fernando Lopez Davilla – Honey

Catuarra. Honey process.

Tastes of Vanilla, Honey and Cherry.


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A small crop can produce many great things. Diego Fernando Lopez Davilla is a prime example of how skill, time and knowledge when combined can create exceptional coffee’s despite the farm size. Working within the small footprint of 6 ha, Diego acquired his land in the Village of San Franciso, La Florida Nariño. Applying his knowledge as an Agronomist he controls the threat of disease and insects with careful management and innovation. Always striving for the most rewarding cup profile he has experimented with Honey and Naturals, pricking only the ripest cherries to achieve an incredibly complex and sweet cup.

We are excited to support Diego’s efforts by sharing not one, but two of his recent offerings.

This Honey process Caturra is full of floral and fruit notes, Vanilla, Honey and Cherry.

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