COSTA RICA Hacienda Colima – Obata

Hacienda Colima

Obata, Natural

Tastes of Honeycomb, Orange, Dried Apricot and Currants.


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Introducing our latest discovery; Hacienda Colima, Obata, Natural from accomplished producer Alejo Kahle Castro.

You might recall Alejo’s name in our previous Costa Rican features with his COE award winning farm Vulcan Azul. Hacienda Colima is located 14km from the main farm, situated high on the slopes of the Barva Volcano at 1350-1500MASL.

The Obata varietal is a high yield disease resistant varietal hybrid from Timor Hybrid and Villa Sarchi, developed in Brazil in 2014 and introduced to Colombia by ICAFE. In response to trying to combat the effect of coffee rust (Roya) which has became a significant issue for coffee farming. The rust attacking the leaves, causing and massive drop in coffee cherry yield and overall quality of fruit.

Natural processing is where the whole cherry is dried intact, the best versions still wash and float the cherries prior to drying. This method creates the most fruit character of all the drying methods and often higher body and sweetness.

We welcome you to try this newest Obata with Natural processing and reflect on your previous Vulcan Azul taste experiences, what nuances can you detect?

We find this new offering to be super flavoursome with notes of Honeycomb, Orange, Dried Apricot and Currants.

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