COSTA RICA Hacienda Limonal


Natural Processing.

Tastes of Apple, Blueberry, Grape, Cantaloupe


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We’ve really been enjoying Costa Rica this year, so continuing this journey we’ve found another intriguing farm to continue our exploration of the Costa Rican taste profile.

Hacienda Limonal is located in the heart of the famous coffee region of Tarrazú and until 5 years ago was abandoned and in disrepair, when the support team from Condesa’s sister company Cafinter tracked down the owner of the farm and convinced him to let them renovate. Within the first year of restoration 50% of the farm had been rejuvenated, in the second year an extra 20% was restored with a further 20% a year later, in 2019 the remaining 10% restoration was completed.  During the third year they started to evaluate the coffee and since 2019 have started producing microlots. As the farm does not have its own wet mill to process the coffee, the cherry is transported for processing at Patalillo, a wet mill in the region of Tres Ríos that dates back to 1888.

For processing this Natural Patalillo floats all the coffee followed by tank fermentation for 12 hrs. While fermenting, the greenhouses are allowed to become very hot with low humidity, at which point the coffee is moved inside.  The idea of transitioning the cherries into this pre-warmed environment is to cause a thermal shock, stopping any microbial activity that may be present and could cause spoilage. The beds are turned every hour for the first 2 days to minimise sweating and mould, turning less frequently as the moisture levels drop. The coffee is almost entirely sun dried (95%) however the last 5% is completed in mechanical driers to standardize the finish to all the lots.

This Marsellesa varietal with its meticulous natural process has created a very complex taste profile and elegant structure, full of fruit characteristics and sweetness.

Tastes of: Apple, Blueberry, Cantaloupe with floral aromatics, a juicy acidity and creamy texture.


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