COSTA RICA Volcan Azul – Marsellesa

Marsellesa, Red Honey

Tastes of Blackcurrant, Cherry, Orange.


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Coffee flavour is a combination of many things spanning the hands of the farm through to roaster. To fully understand the influence of processing method and varietal on flavour, we are excited to share two unique coffees from the same farmer, Vulcan Azul of Costa Rica. Introducing a Marsellesa, Red Honey and Obata, Natural.

By roasting these two coffees with consistency and experience, we can start to reveal the nuances of the coffees unique flavours.

The Marsellesa is a dwarf varietal that is disease resistant, presenting a high yield. Developed in Nicaragua in response to trying to combat the effect of coffee rust (Roya) which has became a significant issue for coffee farming. Rust attacking the leaves, causing a and massive drop in coffee cherry yield and quality.

Honey processing is where the skin of the cherry is removed before all the remaining fruit and seed is put out to dry, somewhere between a washed and natural process, exhibits flavour characters that sit somewhere between the bright acid washed coffees and fruit forward naturals.

If like us, you enjoy the evaluation process of a coffee as much as it’s drinking experience, we welcome you to try this Marsellasa Red honey against the Obata Natural and make your own conclusions. This is a valuable opportunity to experience two equally high quality coffees that present a different taste experience.

The Marsellesa tasting of Blackcurrant, Cherry, Orange.

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