COSTA RICA Volcan Azul – Obata

Natural Processing

Tastes of: Port Wine, Berry Compote, Black Forest Cake.


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Obata with Natural processing; tasting of Port Wine, Berry Compote, Black Forest Cake.

Last year we delighted in sharing a collection of coffee’s sourced from the accomplished producers at Volcan Azul of Costa Rica. Continuing our celebration of this exceptional producer¬†we’ve secured three new crop releases for 2021

Farm manager Alejo Khale Castro has again produced a raw material, that as a roaster you dream of; supreme quality supported by decades of farming experience, coupled with the courage to explore new processing techniques, whilst supporting conservation through the acquisition of natural rainforest for environment protection.

Our selection this year echoes what we loved about our previous Volcan Azul discoveries, flavoursome coffees that will keep you wanting more. A style of coffee that is familiar, yet rewards you with small nuances, made possible through the expert hand of agronomy and processing.

This is a valuable opportunity to experience three exceptionally high quality coffees, each presenting a different taste experience that you’ll remember for years to come.

We’ll be roasting each coffee for Filter or Espresso profile, for those curious to learn our brew techniques, view our brew guide here.

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