DECAF Coffee for Espresso

Decaffeinated Coffee (water process)

Grapefruit, Honey, Dark Chocolate.


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Decaffeinated Coffee

A high-quality, non-chemical-processed decaf coffee made from single-origin blended Colombian beans.

Using the sugar water process, green coffee is soaked in a bath of water and solvent (ethyl acetate (EA))  naturally derived from fermented sugar, among other natural sources. The solvent bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acid within the coffee, which allows for the extraction of caffeine. The coffee is removed from the bath and steamed at low pressure to ensure no traces of E.A. are left.  The finished product is 99.9-99.3% caffeine free.

Ideally prepared for an espresso, our roasted Decaf coffee makes an enjoyable cup (with or without milk)  tasting of Grapefruit, Honey, Dark Chocolate

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