ECUADOR – Finca Terrazas del Pisque, Caturra – Micro lot 6 – Washed

Tastes of: citrus, nectarine, caramel


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Introducing Ecuador – Finca Terrazas del Pisque, Caturra (Micro lot) Washed.  

Tastes of: citrus, nectarine, caramel

Finca Terrazas del Pisque is a 38-hectare farm located 2100 MASL with 15 hectares of coffee plantation surrounded by avocado and citrus fruits trees. Located in Ecuador’s Pichincha region, harvest happens nearly all year-round with only the ripest cherries selected for processing. Once picked, cherries are depulped, fermented for 36 hours, washed, and dried on raised beds for an average of 12 days. Mirco lots are about traceability and separation, this allows you to taste the specifics of that particular lot. Coffee is picked from a specific parcel of land, processed and dried and kept separate from the other coffees. Micro lots almost always have greater focus and attention to detail in all the steps leading to the highest quality offered by that farm.

This is our first release of Ecuadorian coffee and we’re always excited to share new tasting experience. Exploring coffee is what we do and we think you’ll love this one for filter or espresso.

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Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 7 cm

1kg, 250g

Roasted for

Espresso, Filter

Ground or Whole Beans

Beans, Ground

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