EL SALVADOR – Finca El Mango, Pacas – Washed.

Tastes of: lime, dark chocolate and pink lady apple.


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Introducing El Salvador – Finca El Mango, Pacas – Washed.  

Tastes of: lime, dark chocolate, pink lady apple.

El Salvador was the first origin country I visited and one I returned to for many years in a row. It holds a special place in my coffee explorations. This coffee has a texture and sweetness that is a highlight of El Salvadorian coffee. Jose Hernandez owns two coffee farms where he primarily grows Pacamara, Bourbon, and Pacas varieties. He uses a unique three-tier raised-bed drying system for his Washed process coffees, with coffee fermented dry for 28-30 hours before washing then dried on the beds starting on the bottom and being moved up a level every 4-5 days, with frequent movement to maintain drying evenness. This detailed process creates green coffee that is very clean and consistent in quality, making our role as the roaster an enjoyable one.

We hope you enjoy brewing this for filter and espresso.

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Weight .26 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 7 cm

1kg, 250g

Roasted for

Espresso, Filter

Ground or Whole Beans

Beans, Ground

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