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Espresso Bundle – Winter Edition

Enjoy two unique coffees from our Roasters favourite picks.


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Introducing Espresso Coffee Bundles.   

Just as our coffee lineup changes with the seasons our Roasters Bundle evolves each month so you can explore our newest and favourite brews. We pick two unique coffees, paired to take you on a taste journey, freshly roasted and packaged for you to enjoy at home, work or on the road. The espresso bundle showcases coffees from our entire range, so you’ll get to enjoy our freshest arrivals and returning favourites in our standard release sizes of 2 x 200g/250g (depending on the origin featured), bundled together for a promotional price.

 Ethiopia – Tsegaye Tekebo, Jabanto | Kurume, 74165, 74112 | Washed 250g

Tastes of: Apricot, peach, blood orange, honey, syrup texture, dark chocolate, florals.

“As one of the earliest members of Jabanto farmers group, Tsegaye Tekebo is a model farmer who is recognized by the regional and federal government for his dedication and hard work in coffee farming. He is also a resource center for other coffee farmers in Biloya and the neighboring villages and has taken it upon himself to supply improved coffee seedlings, represent Jabanto, and also support other farmers on coffee post-harvest handling practices” – Condesa Co Lab

Tsegaye Tekebo’s processing is meticulous with cherries hand picked, pulpped then immediately soaked underwater for 48 hours. All pulp is removed and the coffee is dried in 2 phases with an initial skin drying (2-4 hours) followed by main drying for 10 days. During the main drying phase the coffee is placed in full morning sun for 2 hours then covered with nylon mesh during the hottest part of the day, which is later removed to complete a further 2 hours of uncovered drying.  The result is an even, more consistent drying process.

Tsegaye’s commitment to the coffee grown in the Gedeo region is evident in the cup, we’re calling this show stopper one of our favourites of the year with aromas of yellow stone fruits and sweet florals, a syrupy candy-like body complimented by juicy complex acidity.

Ethiopia – Asrat Bubel | Kurume, 74112, 74110 | Natural. 250g

Tastes of: Chocolate, stewed stonefruit, black cherry, blackberries, dates.

Another sensational coffee from the Jabanto Group, this is a very special single lot from Asruat Bube.

Asrat Dube’s is an accomplished producer with 4 hectares farming land in Gerse village of Yirgacheffe county. Gerse is one of the few high altitude coffee growing villages in the area at 2100 m.a.s.l. This altitude presents challenges when attempting to produce coffee of a commercially viable scale, but with the help of G-Board (farming initiative) over time, Asrat has replenished his land with varieties such as Kurume, 74110 and 74112.  What makes this coffee unique is not only the traceability of a single producing farmer lot, but the sophisticated processing that Asrat follows. Cherries are selectively picked during the peak harvest season from November to early January. To maintain quality ever cherry is floated underwater, skimmed to remove low quality cherries and debris, taking the remaining healthy, robust cherries through to the drying process. Cherries are placed on African raised beds for a period of 18-21 days, during this time they are rotated up to 6 times in a single day then covered with mesh during the cooler evening temperatures.

Asrats coffee is a beautiful example of quality enhanced through collaboration. His attention to detail and motivation to create high scoring coffee is worthy of both praise and recommendation. If you enjoy coffee from Ethiopia, we encourage you to explore this cup.

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