ETHIOPIA – Jabanto, Bishari – Natural

Bishari – Natural Process
Tastes of: Passionfruit, White Grape, Lemon Butter


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We’ve been secretly sipping on this cup for a few weeks, but the secret is officially out! Now available for everyone to enjoy in our signature filter or espresso roast.

ETHIOPIA, Jabanto (Bishari) – Natural Process
Tastes of: Passionfruit, White Grape, Lemon Butter

Curious to know where our Ethiopian coffee selection comes from?

For the last 3 years we have presented coffees sourced by Getu Bekele, awarded a Masters in plant breeding and genetics and a Doctorate in global food security and crop improvement, he is a certified botanic expert and has focused his research into Ethiopian coffee farming. His work primarily focuses on training in coffee quality, variety, agronomy, processing and marketing, providing guidance to farmers and co-operatives to improve their coffee production, productivity and quality for export.

Each year we are excited to taste what Getu has been helping to produce as his coffee is consistently stunning and expressive. Our third release ‘Bishari’ represents the farming location where varieties of Kurume and Kudhume are uniquely chosen for their smaller coffee leaves and smaller coffee cherries.

This coffee is of particular interest for its delicate taste and clarity of flavours – one not to miss!

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