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Natural Processing.

Tastes of Raspberry, Violet, Coconut, Blackberry and Sweet Lemon.


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Following in his father’s footsteps, Tarkegn Gutu commenced his coffee farming business in 2010 when he acquired a 0.5 hectare plot, gifted to him by his family.  Since then, Tarekgen has kept acquiring and contracting additional coffee farms, taking his total land ownership to 4.8 hectares (as of the 2019/2020 season). An inspirational young coffee farmer, he invests time and energy into coffee agronomy and processing to produce high quality coffee lots.

His family land located in the higher altitude growing area in Yirgacheffe, Tarkegn has transformed the Gedeo local landrace coffee varieties that he inherited and expand into improved coffee varieties produced from the very well-known Kurume local landrace coffee variety and two other improved coffee varieties namely 74110 & 74112 (developed by coffee breeders at Jimma Agricultural Research Centre.

Tarkegn and his father work closely with Bi-Lab at G Broad, a coffee firm based in Addis Ababa. The firm was established to help small lot farmers export their product and reach new markets internationally by providing help with pre and post-harvest activities, quality control, logistics and other export activities.

The combined and interrelated effects of high altitude planting, superior coffee varieties, and refined coffee processing techniques, all managed within a micro/macro climate produces coffee that is rich in citric acidity providing structure for a very sweet and floral fruit profile.

We are very proud to be roasting this coffee and sharing with you all.

Tastes of: Raspberry, Violet, Coconut, blackberry and sweet lemon.  Complex structure with a long citric acidity backbone and sweet clean finish.

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