HONDURAS Merlin Rosibel Nolasco

Catuai. Prolonged Fermentation.

Tastes of Peach, Lime, Cherry.


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It is stating the obvious that in every cup of coffee there are flavours that tell the story. Shaped by all the hands that have guided it from seedling to brewing. Hearing about the farmers involved helps us to join what we taste to those who have put their heart and soul into making a delicious coffees for us to enjoy. This coffee is another of the contemporary drying styles, exploring an extended time in the cherry to push the fruity characters. That done well add complexity and intrigue, done poorly it creates dominating fermented defective flavours. Merlin and Darlin have nailed the processing of this coffee to deliver a sweet fruity coffee that drinks fantastically both for filter or espresso. The fact they have such a small production of only 20 odd bags of coffee each year and still courageously explore drying techniques that flirt with success or failure makes for an immensely rewarding coffee that we are happy to showcase.

Merlin Rosibel Nolasco and his wife Darlin are the owners of Darpamer, in the Los Planes region of Honduras, just north-east of the border with El Salvador. Merlin was born into coffee – his mother Rosalina Calix is a first generation farmer who instilled the caficultor spirit in her children Merliin, Freddy and Nora. Today the three of them collaborate on each other’s farms, and are all involved in the production of specialty coffee.

Merlin has been working Darpamer for almost 10 years. Here he grows Catuai and Lempira, along with fruit trees including orange, lime and banana. This year he has changed his nutrition management anf pruning technique, which allowed him to increase his overall productivity of the farm to 25 bags of parchment coffee. He has his own wet mill at the farm that is fed by a natural waterfall. In the future he plans to improve the wet mill facility to continually improve the quality of his coffee, as well as plant more barrier trees to minimie topsoil erosion.

(Farm story courtesy of Condesa Colab)
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