Online Course CC 02

Introduction to Coffee Roasting

Course duration 93mins

Discover what it means to be a Coffee Roaster.

Are you a Barista looking to add some new skills into your repertoire? Or just curious about coffee and want to learn more? Join us for two full and rewarding days of new coffee skills development guided by industry experts and knowledge leaders.

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“Learning the right skills from the beginning is the best way to become the Master of your craft”

– Craig Simon.

Over the course of two full days we will share with you the important theory of what it is to be Coffee Roaster, along with the practical skills to take charge of the roasting process. A course especially designed of those new to roasting or for those wanting to brush up on existing skills, you will learn how to design, execute and assess a roast with ample hands on experience and theory to support your new skills.

Why learn at Criteria?

Knowledge is what we do. Criteria is a communal roasting facility helping others to learn the craft of roasting. Having spent +15 years perfecting our own knowledge, Criteria was founded as a way to “give back” to help foster the next wave of coffee professionals. Founded by Craig Simon in 2018, Craig is a long standing coffee professional, Multi-Award Winning Barista & Coffee Roaster, Q-Grade Instructor and current head of the Australian Roasters Guild. Craig is dedicated to sharing all that he knows and loves about coffee in an inclusive and supportive environment.

What does the Two Day Introduction to Roasting Course look like?

Embarking on the process of learning to roast takes time and practise. With your introduction to Roasting at Criteria you will learn the fundamentals of how to control a roast successfully, how to set the right roast goals and how to repeat your roasting process reliably. You will use one of our two Diedrich IR2.5 roaster in a small group of 4-5 people. We will teach you how to make the right coffee selection for your desired taste profile and how to approach roasting for both filter and espresso. Knowing how to assess your outcomes is a vital part of a roasters skills-set, during the course you will also learn to apply industry cupping protocols, as taught by a qualified Q-Grade Instructor (Craig Simon).

The Key Aspects of the Course:

— Farm to Consumer – Learn about the origins of coffee, varietals and processing influences.
— Pick your product – How to choose the best green coffee selection for your intended purpose.
— Basics of heat transfer – The science of what occurs inside the bean and roaster.
— Practical hands on roasting – Lots of it!
— Understanding the roasting controls – Take charge with confidence. Learn the protocols and systems of roasting.
— Developing a roast plan – How to set your roast goals both manually and with the use of Artisan software.
— Roasting for filter and espresso – Learn the difference.
— Strategy for washed, honey and natural coffees – Learn how to approach a variety of processing methods to maximise each coffee’s expression.
— Cupping 101 – Learn to apply industry cupping protocols correctly using the SCA Cupping From.
— Safety and cleaning – It’s a really important part of roasting.

Do this course if you..

— Want to learn from the best educators in the business.
— Are a Barista or coffee enthusiast keen to shift your coffee skills set in a new direction.
— Value practical experience from those who’ve learnt from their own mistakes, so you don’t have to!
— Enjoy delicious coffee and great company whilst learning.
— Have little or no roasting experience and want to set yourself on the right path from the beginning.