KENYA Gaturiri AA

Sl28, Ruiru 11

Tastes of Blackcurrant Lime, peach, plum


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As with the previous sold out Komologit this is an even more powerful taste bomb with expressive flavours, elegance of acidity and structure that makes for delicious drinking as either filter or espresso. A truly excellent expression of Kenyan coffee.

The highlight flavour notes of  Blackcurrant, Peach, Plum and Lime sings from this coffee as newly arrived fresh crop harvest.

The Gaturiri factory is located 3km outside of the town of Karatina, in the Barichu location in Mathira, Nyeri. Sitting at the south-western foot of Mount Kenya, the factory is located at 1700MASL, with 1500 individual farmer members contributing from the surrounding areas. The average farm size is 250 trees, with SL28 and Ruiru 11 being the predominant varietals grown. In addition to coffee, maize, banana and beans are the main agricultural crops grown by the factory members. The factory is serviced by the Kirigu river, which carries fresh spring water from the slopes on Mount Kenya to the factory for the soaking and washing of the cherries.

We expect that this coffee will exceed expectations, one to add to the very memorable coffees list of 2020.


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Ground or Whole Beans

Beans, Ground

Roasted for

Espresso, Filter