KENYA – Kianamui, Washed

Tastes of: Berry Compote, Butterscoth, Rhubarb


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KENYA – Kianamui, Washed Process.

Tastes of: Berry Compote, Butterscoth, Rhubarb

Every year we eagerly await the arrival of the Kenya harvest. This year we’ve selected two superior options that will appeal to the die-hard Kenya coffee fans and those new to the distinct flavour profile that originates from this country.

Grown in the Ngariama location, Gichugu division of Kirinyaga County on the slopes of Mount Kenya, Kainamui Coffee Factory has near to 2000 members producing crops of Ruiru 11,SL 28, Batian. Cherries are hand sorted before a 2-stage fermentation of 24 hours followed by a further 12-24 hours. Soaking is the third processing stage where cherries are held under water for 24 hours increasing amino acids and proteins in the cellular structure of the bean, resulting in more acidity and complex fruit flavours; a quality that distinctively identifies Kenyan coffee. The drying process continues on raised beds for 5-10 days.

A staff pick for those that enjoy the traditional Kenyan coffee taste profile.

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