Santuario – Limited Edition. Boxed Set

“Think of this as the best coffee concierge service around town”

A collection of 3 (x 200g) standout coffees from the acclaimed producers of  Santuario Project – Campo Hermoso.

Limited Edition Release.


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“Think of this as the best coffee concierge service around town….the perfect collection of speciality coffee curated by our team of experts” – Craig Simon. Founder Criteria Coffee.

Introducing the Spotlight on Santuario, Limited Edition coffee flight. A rewarding tasting journey of three meticulously processed coffees, each grown and processed by Campo Hermoso (Santuario Project) Colombia, handled with care at the roaster by our skilled team.  If you’re not familiar with the stella coffees from Santuario, this set is the perfect introduction. With decades of farming experience and an unquestionable commitment to achieving the best growing, processing and farming outcomes, Santuario Project’s coffees are consistently impressive. Edwin Noreña is a wonderful example of such commitment as a 4th generation producer, qualified agro-industrial engineer and Professor of Professor of Postgraduate Coffee Studies at the University of Antioquia, Edwin has spent years working on his craft bringing about complex and original flavour profiles for Campo Hermoso.

So, what’s on the flight?…

3 x 200g of filter roasted beans, however the roast profile we’ve designed does allow for exploration on the espresso machine. 

200g COLOMBIA – Campo Hermoso – Sidra, Red Honey.

Finding rare ‘coffee’ gems like this takes our appreciation for the raw materials to a whole new level. Experimental processing that enhances flavour is no new concept, when the science of agronomy is artfully balanced it can truly make for coffee that’s thrilling to discover and mind-altering to brew – just like this red honey processed sidra varietal.  What is red honey? Cherries are selectively harvested and soaked in water for 4 hours before an initial anaerobic cherry fermentation for 8 hours with Mossto (a mixture of cherry pulp, akin to wine making). The cherries undergo a 2nd anaerobic fermentation for 12 hours then sun-dried on African beds for 20 days before transportation inside the warehouse for the humidity to stabilise.

Tastes of: Lychee, Rose Petal, Mango, Pink Icing. 

*NEW* 200g COLOMBIA – Campo Hermoso – Pink Bourbon, Purple Honey.

This sweet and delicate pink bourbon with signature purple honey process takes this coffee to the next level. With elevated fruit characteristics, we’re enjoying this coffee as a filter preparation with a full body mouth feel and lingering citrus finish. Simply said it is delicious! What is purple honey? Similar to the red honey process, purple has an extended fermentation time (2 x 12 hours) with the wet milling process leaving 75 % of mucilage. 

Tastes of: Warm Lemon, Blueberry, Wine Gum, Cotton Candy. 

*NEW* 200g COLOMBIA – Campo Hermoso – Pink Bourbon, Natural 

Another polished example of Edwin’s artful skill of processing, this pink bourbon varietal with natural process is clean and expressive, it will win over both filter and espresso drinkers. When taking your flight we invite you to compare and contrast the way in which the processing methods influence the flavour profiles, in particular the nuances between the pink bourbon natural and purple honey process.

Tastes of: Green Melon, Honeysuckle, Juniper

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