Lucky Dip – Single Origin 250g

Introducing the Lucky Dip. A single origin surprise package. Get it whilst stock lasts.


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The Lucky Dip delivers 250g of our favourite single origin coffees, secretly packaged at dazzling mates rate.

What’s in the lucky-dip?

Can’t choose which coffee to buy? Your processing preferences getting in the way of your exploring new coffees? Maybe you want to put your pallet to the test and try identifying a mystery single origin (at a great price). Our Lucky Dip bag is 250 grams of one of our single-origin coffees, without knowing which coffee you’re going to get! You won’t know what awaits you inside, but the mystery of the lucky dip is an adventurous brew of our high quality beans, roasted in our signature style. Available in your choice of either FILTER or ESPRESSO roast profile.

Shipped within 7-14 days of roast date, you’ll receive a batch of beans that are well within an acceptable drinking age, most likely at it’s peak!

Where are the beans from and when can you order?

Sometimes our order volumes change, or we make sample roasts to try our newest releases, resulting in some extra stock. To ensure the hard work of the coffee producers, importers and our roasting team is always put to good use the Lucky Dip was created. Our lucky dip shares the last of our sold out lots, along with our most popular new crop plus some arrivals that are exclusively sold to wholesale customers.

If you’re keen to know how we’d brew our lucky dip, follow our recommended brew guide here for all our tips and tricks.

Stock is updated each week, so be sure to scoop up a bag whilst stock lasts.




Weight .33 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 7 cm
Roasted for

Decaf – Espresso, Decaf – Filter, Espresso, Filter

Ground or Whole Beans

Beans, Ground

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