PERU – Jhony Saaverdra, El Huabo, Mixed Varietals, Washed

Tastes of: Green Grape, Nectarine, Chocolate.


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2022 Fresh Crop Arrival

What motivates us to choose the coffees we pick?

There is always the obvious, we strive to find delicious coffees, however our process is more thoughtful than just that.  

We love exploring coffee, finding new producers, new processing methods and interesting varietals as our explorations link us to the next origin relationship and the next exciting coffee. We also value the existing relationships we have with our green partners by committing to coffees before they are harvested giving the farmers the confidence of guaranteed sales, known volume plus secured income. This trust, helps us to select a range of coffees that uphold our high standards for quality. Whether you like fruity coffees, comforting chocolatey coffees or experimental lots, the 2022 fresh crop that we’ve selected is truly sensational. We’re extremely proud to be roasting these coffees and can’t wait to share each origin story with you….

Introducing PERU – Jhony Saaverdra, El Huabo, Mixed Varietals, Washed

Tastes of: Green Grape, Nectarine, Chocolate

Peruvian coffee is triumphant.  With difficult logistics, poor infrastructure, limited access to farming knowledge and good practices coupled with small farm sizes, every time you find a fantastic coffee from this origin it should be celebrated. This is one of those coffees.

This wonderful cup is sourced via the team at Origin Coffee Lab (OCL) in Cajamarca, Perú The program empowers farmers to learn from economic and agricultural modelling as a  springboard for success. These curriculums are designed to encourage cup quality while also making coffee farming a consistently profitable practice for future generations.

Jhony is a young producer and has only been working with OCL for 3 years. He is part of a family that is quite successful in coffee in the area of el Huabo. Before working with OCL he was working with large COOP’s, poverty was a concerning issue for him and his wife. Had it not been for the better buying prices (with the help of OCL) he might have abandoned his farm. With the success of his recent harvest, Jhony has re-planted/renovated 2 hectares so we’re really very excited to see what the harvest of 2023 will bring.

Keen to learn how we’ll be preparing this coffee?  Take a master class with our brew-guide here.


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