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*Rare Release* Lost Origin, Panama | Geisha, Depulped

Presale for roast date 29th June, 2023.

Fermented with Kviek Voss and Lactobacillus Plantarum.

Join us in embracing the exceptional beginnings (lot 001_001) and artistry of Lost Origin Coffee Lab as they redefine the boundaries of coffee processing.


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Introducing Lot 001_001: Lost Origin, Geisha | Finca Jaramillo, Depulped, fermented with Kviek Voss and Lactobacillus Plantarum.


It’s not often you get to experience something special from the beginning, which makes this release even more unique. This is the first lot of coffee processed (lot 001) and sold (001) by Lost Origin Coffee Lab, Panama City.  Believe us when we say, this team are going to inspire and change the way coffee processing is explored…

The Introduction:

In March this year we travelled to Panama City where we were invited to meet Andy, Franz, and Johnathan at their new venture Lost Origin.  An innovative coffee lab tucked away in the upper levels of a craft brewery.  What we didn’t realise at the time, we were sharing in their inaugural production cupping and would become their first visiting buyer and subsequent customer making this a world premier. 

The Vision:

Having a vast brewing background the Lost Origin team understand the importance of being able to measure, control and clean the environment in which microorganisms interact. The team focus on exploring the impact and relationship of microorganisms on the coffee fruit. Documenting the flavor profiles and notes created by each trial, allowing the team to understand and further exploit certain characteristics of each varietal.

The Process:

Using the finest Panamanian coffee as their canvas, Lot 001_001 has undergone a meticulous production process. Carefully handpicked and sorted cherries are transported in temperature-controlled vans to the lab where they are depulped (without the use of water in order to keep most of the sugars within the pulp). The coffee was then placed inside the proprietary fermentation vessels where it underwent a short fermentation at 25C for 24hrs and then crashed to a temperature of 10C for an additional 24hrs. Next, the coffee beans were transferred to individual trays within a custom made 3 stage drying room, under clean air conditions, humidity and temperature control, where it slowly dried for 24 days at an average temperature of 20C. The addition of Kviek voss and Lactobacillus Plantarum yeasts during fermentation offer a very neutral profile with subtle fruity and citric notes representing a clear and clean traditional washed Geisha profile.

The Producer; Finca Jaramillo

For 6 years this coffee has been in the hands of the producers at Finca Jaramillo located in Panamas Boquete region.  Growing coffee under the shade of native trees at a hight of 1600masl in harmony with the natural environment, harvesters are families (men and women) from the Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous community who come to the farm from the Comarca in San Félix and Bocas del Toro. Since 2020 Finca Jaramillo has proudly held 100% women own certification status.

The Result:

This exceptional coffee offers a clean, elegant, and refined washed Geisha profile. You won’t find simple or obvious flavours, this cup is characterised by its complexity and depth with notes of lime, lychee, jasmine and yellow tropical fruits. This coffee is a fine example of a beautifully executed Geisha that represents so much more than it’s final output, it is the representation of new ideas and a commitment to quality that honours century old traditions of fermentation and brewing.

The Offer:

Available for presale in a 50g vacuumed portion presented in a bespoke letterpress envelope.  Roasting Thursday 29th June, 2023, shipping Friday 30th June. All coffee ordered with the presale will roast on 29th June, 2023. The utmost attention to detail has been put into this rare release and we look forward to sharing it with you.

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