RWANDA – Umurage – Red Bourbon

Red Bourbon


Tastes of: Apricot, Juicy Red Apple, Strawberry


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We are extremely honoured to be roasting this beautiful example of a Red Bourbon, farmed by small lot producers in the high hills of the Kigoma Sector of Huye District in Rwanda. Umurage is one of four washing stations owned and managed by the influential company, Buf Coffee. Umurage sits at 1,750m above sea level, overlooking a landscape of vibrant green hills and rich red earth. This station services about 463 local producers in total, who deliver fresh cherry daily during the harvest period. This coffee was processed and separated as a “day lot” – meaning all of the cherries that were picked and delivered on a single day were processed together. Coffees at Umurage are processed with meticulous care and attention, resulting in exceptional clarity and cleanliness in the cup.

“Umurage translates to “Heritage” in Kinyarwandan. Ben from Buf coffee explained, “This name acknowledges the generations before us who farmed coffee, and to recognise our obligation to sustainably produce coffee, in order to transmit coffee farming to our future generation.”

Rwandan coffee holds a meaningful place in our coffee sourcing program at Criteria, we acknowledge the adversities these producers have overcome to create a high quality product that has transformed opinions. We are very proud to have this coffee available and we’ve enjoyed the process of bringing out the maximum flavour through our skill in roasting for both filter and espresso.

Tastes of: Apricot, Juicy Red Apple, Strawberry


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