*Special Release* Colombia, Geisha. CM Natural

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Tates of: Hibiscus, Star Fruit, Yellow Kiwi, Raspberry Jelly.

100g reusable tin.


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NOTE: All items purchased with this presale will be shipped together after 15th August, 2022.

Introducing: Campo Hermoso – Geisha, CM Natural.

If you’ve followed our 2022 Spotlight on Santuario, you’ll already be familiar with the achievements of the talented producers Edwin Noreña (Campo Hermoso) and Camilo Merizalde (Finca Santuario), having shared 6 unique coffees each with identifiable flavour profiles and processing methods. 

Our final release is a sensational geisha with a complex profile of hibiscus, star fruit, yellow kiwi and tart raspberry jelly. 110% delicious. With a coffee so beautiful and complex we’ve chosen to roast it only for filter, however using a finer grind setting than normal you will still find enjoyable results for espresso.

What’s the CM Natural process? Premium geisha cherries are harvested above 22ô brix’s and then soaked in water for 4 hours.  30 % of the mucilage is retained during the wet milling process, with tank aerobic fermentation taking place over 14 hours (without water). The coffee is then sun dried on African beds for 18 days until the humidity is 10.5 % followed by a further 5 days inside a warehouse for humidity stabilisation, before final packing.

With only 2 small vacuum bags on hand, it’s highly likely this coffee won’t be in store for long. Our roasts will be planned to a pre-sale schedule, with our next batch roast Monday, 15th August, 2022.

“Edwin is a true master when it comes to processing, his coffee is amongst the finest I’ve ever tasted, this is a competition winning coffee”  – Craig. 

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