*Special Release* Costa Rica, Volcan Azul, Caturra – Double Fermentation.

Tates of: Purple Grape, Red Apple Tropical Fruits.

100g reusable tin.


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Alejo Khale Castro comes from a long line of coffee producers, a connection to Costa Rica that spans over 100 years. We’ve been working with Alejo’s coffee since we first opened in 2018, his product always brings to the table a unique profile that represents a lifetime of knowledge and willingness to explore new processing methods. This year we selected 2 special lots that shared a very interesting take on Costa Rican coffee.

Volcan Azul – Caturra, Double Fermentation, 100g tin. 

Tastes of: Purple Grape, Red Apple Tropical Fruits.

“We bring the cherries from the field and separate the floaters and then the good cherries are fermented in tanks for up to two days. After fermentation the cherry is taken to the drying patios where the coffee is pre-dried down to about 35% humidity. Coffee is then taken back to fermentation tanks for another 5 days of fermenting. Around this time, sensorially, the smell of the coffee is similar to the smell of a Cacao farm. The coffee is taken then to a mechanical dryer for continual reduction in moisture. This lot particularly was dried for 7 days in the drying patios / 25 hours in the mechanical dryer.” – Alejo Khale Castro 

GIFT SET. For a limited time enjoy 100g Caturra, Double Fermentation process + 100g SL-28, Natural process coffee for a discounted promotional price. A thoughtful gift or memorable set for filter brewing over the holidays.  We recommend brewing this coffee following our signature brew recipe here in our brew guide


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100g, Gift Set 2 x 100g

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