*Special Release* Santuario Project, Bourbon, Purple Honey

PRE ORDER NOW – Reserve Micro Lot. First Batch Roasting 25.10.21

Tates of: Jasmin, Elderflower, Wild Strawberry, Mango

150g with Reusable Tin.


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NOTE: All items purchased with this presale will be shipped together after 25th October, 2021.

Finding rare ‘coffee’ gems like this takes our appreciation for the skills of our farming partners to a whole new level. Experimental processing that enhances flavour is no new concept, when the science of agronomy is artfully balanced it can truly make for coffee that’s thrilling to discover and mind-altering to brew. We’ve had the pleasure of working with  The Santuario Project on several new releases, but none more exciting than this micro lot of bourbon cherries grown in the very unique region in Veracruz, Mexico where the extremely tall and ancient Zempoalehuatl shade trees still exist.

“With only 5 bags produced, the rarity of this micro lot intrigued us. The sample took us all by surprise, in the best way possible, so we secured all that we could knowing that a coffee so elegant and expressive would be very rewarding to roast and brew”  – Craig. 

What is the Purple Honey process?

Producer, Eduardo Esteve selectively harvest the cherries when their sugar concentrations go beyond 25 brix’s, the assortment is then soaked in water for 8 hours before undergoing a depulping process which leaves 75% of the mucilage on the pip. Following this the cherries are aerobically fermented for 14 hours using Mossto (cherrie soup) and later dried on African beds for 18 days with Mossto spraying, before being transferred to a shady position to stabilize the humidity of the coffee for 6 days.

Lxhuatlán del café is The Santuario Project’s Mexican processing centre, equipped with both wet and dry mills, greenhouses and drying areas, coffee garden, laboratory and warehouse all dedicated to achieving quality excellence.

How does pre-order work?

Orders placed will roast on the nearest batch date, commencing with our first production roast on 25th October, 2021. We’ve chosen to release this special lot in this way to ensure full batches are produced which gives maximum flavour.

Roasting for both Filter and Espresso profiles, presented in a 150g reusable tin, this newest release makes for the perfect taster sized experience. As your coffee will brew best when freshly ground, we will be selling this coffee in whole bean option only. Don’t have a grinder?  Check out our Millwright grinder here. 

Keen to try other coffees from our current range, here’s how to place your pre-order plus available stock…

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Espresso, Filter