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*Special Release* Yemen Haraaz Red

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Tates of: Pineapple, Mandarin, Dried Apricot, Golden Raisin.

150g in Reusable Tin.


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With over 500 years of tradition, culture and craft, coffee farmed in the Eastern Haraaz mountains of Yemen is revered for its exceptional quality and rich history. Grown at dizzying altitudes, Yemen crops are amongst the worlds oldest, with many farming traditions still being followed today, notably with little or no use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides.  When we had the privilege of roasting some sample batches for our friends at 53 Beans, we were instantly captivated by Husseins authenticity, speaking closely of his homeland and the community of coffee farmers that he works with to import this beautiful product.

We chose to feature the Haraaz Red, Red Agate AA as our first release of 2022. The name Red Agate refers to the perfect rich red cherry colour of its harvest. Picked at optimum ripeness and handled with care and dried on raised beds, the Haraaz Red exhibits traditional flavours of dried fruits, with layers of citrus and pineapple telling the story of an extremely well handled coffee.

Packaged in our limited release reusable tin, we will be roasting for Filter or Espresso profiles. As your coffee will brew best when freshly ground, we will be selling this coffee in whole bean option only. If you don’t have a grinder, check out the compact and portable Millwright grinder here. 

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Espresso, Filter

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