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The ‘Special Release’ Boxed Set

“Think of this as the best coffee concierge service around town….our first ‘Special Release’ boxed set”

A collection of 4 of the finest coffees we’ve tasted all year, presented in a beautiful box set.

Available in 4 x 100g tasters, or 4 x 200g bags for those who want to savour the experience a little longer.

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“Think of this as the best coffee concierge service around town….our first ‘Special Release’ boxed set -the perfect collection of speciality coffee curated by our team of experts” – Craig Simon. Founder Criteria Coffee.

We are very excited to introduce 4 of our finest coffees; 2 origins, 2 varietals, 4 unique processing methods, 1 box of delicious coffee to tantalise the senses.  This collection of superior coffee is the true definition of discovery, a rare opportunity to taste four meticulously processed coffees, grown and processed by expert producers from Colombia and Bolivia, handled with care and attention by our team at the roaster.

Beautifully presented in a quality gift box this collection of 4 x 200g or 4 x 100g is the perfect set to share with likeminded purveyors of coffee, or surprise someone special with this thoughtful gift.

When you open your boxed set you’ll experience…

BOLIVIA Las Alasitas – Java – Coco Natural 

Pedro Rodriguez and his family have greatly contributed to the small but highly regarded Bolivian coffee market. Grown in lush steep mountain valleys, cherries are hand picked and dried on African beds followed by mechanical coco dryers. Pedro’s meticulous handling of this coffee and management of his farm are echoed in the intricate flavours within the cup.

Tastes of: Sweet Strawberry, Red Grape, Rich and Buttery, with a winey acidity.

BOLIVIA Waliki – Java – Washed 

From a tiny micro lot of only 240kg we have secured a very limited supply of this exceptional washed Java, harvested from the newest farm of the Rodriguez family. Another beautiful coffee to savor as a graceful filter, elegant in flavour and acidity.

Tastes of: Delicate White Blossoms, Bergamot and Honey aroma. Golden Sultana, Apricot and Lemon Curd.

COLOMBIA Finca Santuario – Gesha – Natural Carbonic Maceration 72

Finca Santuario are experts at experimental processing and this Natural Carbonic Maceration is a testament to their skill, with 72 hour carbonic maceration fermentation before drying under greenhouse for 22 hours, this Gesha coffee has even greater sweetness and more floral aromatic notes. *Because of the unique density of the Gesha coffee seed, this coffees can be brewed for Filter or Espresso from the same roast profile with incredible results – Especially delicious with milk!

Tastes of: Watermelon, Blood Orange, Bubblegum

COLOMBIA Finca Santuario – Gesha – Yellow Honey CO2 

The unique drying process of this Gesha coffee has unequivocally influenced the complexity of the final flavours that you’ll find in the cup, with 24hrs of C02 anaerobic fermentation before being dried with 10% mucilage left after depulping the result is amazing texture and complex tropical flavours and sweetness. *Because of the unique density of the Gesha coffee seed, this coffee can be brewed for Filter or Espresso from the same roast profile with incredible results.

Tastes of: Candied Peach, Lime, Manderine

ORDER NOW to secure your delivery on 23rd March, 2021 – Be quick, limited stock available.

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ALL COFFEE will be roasted for FILTER preparation, with the Gesha varietals presenting exceptionally well for both Filter or Espresso.


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