COLOMBIA. Finca Santuario – Yellow Bourbon – Black Lime

Finca Santuario

Yellow Bourbon

Black Lime

Tastes of: Lime, Lemon Grass, Tamarind, Guava.



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“backing up Camilo’s sensational Gold Washed coffee, the Black Lime process goes one step further into territory of lime and spices that are truely unexpected from a yellow bourbon – sharp citrus, yet sweetly balanced” – Craig.

So how does this coffee differ to the many other outstanding cups we’ve received from  Camilo Merizalde of Finca Santuario?

As we’ve shared with you in our coffee stories from Finca Santuario, Camilo is known for his experimental processing methods with over 20 years of farming experience.  Here yellow bourbon cherries go through a variation to the Gold Washed processing with cherries receiving an extra 3 hours in water soak upfront with ‘coffee miel’ added to all the processing phases to control the PH level. This process minimises the production of acetic acid, resulting is sharp, crisp citrus flavours with a balanced sweetness that caries this coffee to even higher plains.

This is another rare taste experience that we are proud to be roasting for Filter or Espresso.

With only a small amount in our supply, be quick to order for our next roast as this spectacular coffee is sure to be in high demand.

Tastes of: Lime, Lemon Grass, Tamarind, Guava.




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