Espresso Bundle – Autumn Edition

Enjoy two unique coffees from our Roasters favourite picks.


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Introducing Espresso Coffee Bundles.   

Just as our coffee lineup changes with the seasons our Roasters Bundle evolves each month so you can explore our newest and favourite brews. We pick two unique coffees, paired to take you on a taste journey, freshly roasted and packaged for you to enjoy at home, work or on the road. The espresso bundle showcases coffees from our entire range, so you’ll get to enjoy our freshest arrivals and returning favourites in our standard release sizes of 2 x 200g/250g (depending on the origin featured), bundled together for a promotional price.

 Colombia – Asobombo – Pink Bourbon | Washed. 250g

Tastes of: Lime, candy almond, green apple, rockmelon.

Located in the town of Pitalito within the well-known coffee-growing region of Huila, you’ll find the Asobombo cooperative. Founded by Luis Alfredo Diaz, the cooperative comprises over 80 members, each managing 3-5 hectares of land. The members combine their harvests to secure the best prices for their certified organic coffee.  This pink bourbon variety has been hand-picked, pulped, and then tank-fermented for 12-36 hours, with the parchment then transferred to raised beds for drying.

We’ve chosen this coffee for its stand-out quality and pink bourbon varietal.  If you fondly recall our past Colombian single origins, we’re confident that you’ll equally enjoy this very satisfying cup. Clean, crisp and elegant.

Papua New Guinea – Kendeng Mill | Arusha, Bourbon, Typica | Natural. 250g

Tastes of:  Strawberry, cream, grapefruit, chocolate.

We are very happy to share our first single origin release from Papua New Guinea (PNG). Sourced from the Kindeng Mill in the Jikawa Province, coffees are combined from approximately 1500 small share holders.  A country not widely known for its coffee exports due to the challenges of logistics, cultural diversity and limited infrastructure.  Naturally processed coffees are quite rare from this origin adding another layer of intrigue. When roasted for espresso it presents with a vibrant fruit forward profile of ripe red berries layered with comforting cocoa notes. This is a sensational coffee, hands down a roasters favourite.

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