Coffee Beans

Sourced from the world over and roasted in our signature style, our seasonal picks showcases the inherent flavour of each unique origin. Our selection offers a variety of brewing experiences, from classic profiles through to small experimental lots. Guided by quality we roast to order in small batches to bring out maximum flavour. Explore our evolving range of single origin coffees, seasonal blends and special limited releases.

Filter Coffee Beans

Roasted for filter preparation, these coffees are perfect for pour over, plunger, Moccamaster and AeroPress.

Espresso Coffee Beans

Explore our diverse range of single origin coffees roasted for stovetop and espresso preparations.

Roasters Bundle

We love roasting coffee, but we equally enjoy drinking it.  Our roasters selection picks two of our teams favourite beans at a special bundled price. Expect coffees from our seasonal selection, or a returning favourite.  Roasted for filter or espresso preparations.


X54 Grinder Prize

Coffee Subscription

Small batch coffee
Delivered to your door.

Criteria Coffee by Craig.

A selection of coffees that we love and know you’ll enjoy. Roasted and processed just the way you like it, delivered to your door each fortnight.