Filter Bundle – Summer Edition

Enjoy two unique coffees from our Roasters favourite picks.


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Introducing Filter Coffee Bundles.   

Just as our coffee lineup changes with the seasons our Roasters Bundle evolves each month so you can explore our newest and favourite brews. We pick two unique coffees, paired to take you on a taste journey, freshly roasted and packaged for you to enjoy at home, work or on the road. The filter bundle showcases coffees from our entire range, so you’ll get to enjoy our freshest arrivals and returning favourites in our standard release sizes of 2 x 200g/250g (depending on the origin featured), bundled together for a promotional price.

Summer Edition

PERU – Finca La Montana | Organic Micro lot | Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon, Typica | Washed. 250g 

Tastes of:  Apple, floral, toffee

Edgar Alfonzo Cordova Saldana is a coffee producer who cultivates Caturra variety coffee on his 2-hectare farm, La Montana, located in the Cajamarca region of Peru. He is part of the Lima Coffees cooperative and holds organic certification for his farm. The region’s semi-dry, semi-cold, tropical highland climate and fertile soil at high Andean elevations make it conducive to specialty coffee production. We’re enjoying this coffee as a filter preparation for it’s sweet crisp green apple notes, with soft texture. Particularly enjoyable over ice.

COSTA RICA – Volcan Azul | Obata | Natural. 250g 

Tastes of:  Stewed fruit, green apple, dried apricot

We’ve celebrated Alejo Castro Khales coffee for several years and with every new crop we get more excited for his harvests. This coffee has all of the signature elements of a well processed coffee; clean, expressive, consistent in quality and well developed flavours. A very memorable release that speaks to Alejo’s extensive experience and his farms ability to control flavours that honour the origin, terior and varietals inherent characteristics. 


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