Millwright Hand Grinder

Precision personified, introducing the newest in premium hand grinders from the expert craftspeople of Saint Anthony Industries.


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The Millwright Handgrinder 

There’s no doubt that grinding your beans fresh and on demand gives your coffee the best chance to shine. Investing in a quality grinder will reward you with fantastic coffee for countless brews to come.

There are three things that are critical to a great grinder, quality of burrs, accurate fine grind size adjustment and precision manufacturing from quality materials. We are proud to share a grinder that meets these benchmarks, blending performance and style in a portable package. Introducing the Millwright hand grinder from Saint Anthony Industries.

Crafted in Salt Lake City, Utah (U.S.A) using state of the art manufacturing techniques and superior materials the Millwright grinder is beautifully made and designed to be adaptable for every coffee preferences and style, from Espresso to French press and everything in-between. 

How is the Millwright different to other premium hand grinders?

Not all grinders are created equal. The Millwright guarantees consistency with dual precision shaft ball bearings retained in aluminium housing – guaranteeing perfect alignment during grinding.  Other grinders are known to use plastic housings, which can lead to wear allowing the burrs to rotate out of alignment – making the coffee particle size uneven and difficult to set.

The Millwright conical burrs are high quality Italian made 48mm titanium coated, which deliver excellent coffee texture and mouthfeel, along with clean articulate flavours. The grind setting adjustment precisely locks, helping to determine your setting preference. With the added visual reminder of laser etched numbers on the burr face, particularly helpful when swapping between grind settings.

The removable handle engages securely into the shaft making grinding effortless. Coupled with a lightweight aluminium casing in a smooth touch finish.

The Millwright is designed to last, making it an excellent investment in your personal or professional collection of brewing equipment.


Unit weight 590gms

Leather case for transport.

 48mm Italian burr-set

28-30g  capacity

Aluminium body casing

Stainless steel shaft

Hardwood turned handle

Gift box presentation.

Setting Guide 

For those who like to explore their grind parameters we recommend the below settings for Criteria Coffee’s roast profiles.

Espresso 12-25 clicks 

Filter Pour Over 45 (+/- 5) clicks 

Auto drip 65 – 80 

Frenchpress 85-100 


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 25 × 15 cm

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