ETHIOPIA – Girma Bekele, 74112. CM Natural

Tastes of: Red cherries, red plum, raspberry, brown sugar.


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Introducing Ethiopia, Tamirat Dereje / Girma Bekele – 74112 with carbonic maceration (natural) processing. 

Limited Release 200g 

Tastes of: Red cherries, red plum, raspberry, brown sugar.

Girma Bekele operates his inherited family farm in the Biloya village of Kochere. His passion for coffee farming extends from the permaculture of his lands through to the scientific processing methods he adopts. This single lot 74112 cherries are unique in the fact that one varietal has been grown and picked, opposed to a homogenised harvest that predominates Ethiopian coffee production. Processed using  Carbonic Maceration, un-pulped red cherries are fermented in an airtight container for 96 hours under shade then transferred onto raised African beds for sun drying for 10-12 days. During this phase, coffee is turned manually 6 times per day to maintain a uniform result, on the 15th day when the bean attains a moisture level between 9.5-10.5% the coffee is removed and sent for milling.

With the help of Tamirat Dereje (coffee agent), Girma Bekele’s coffee was passed onto our import partner, who instantly recognised the special qualities of this harvest.  We are very excited to share this coffee with our community.

*Available in 200g limited release bag*

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Dimensions 15 × 11 × 7 cm


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Ground or Whole Beans