Filter Bundle – Autumn Edition

Enjoy two unique coffees from our Roasters favourite picks.


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Introducing Filter Coffee Bundles.   

Just as our coffee lineup changes with the seasons our Roasters Bundle evolves each month so you can explore our newest and favourite brews. We pick two unique coffees, paired to take you on a taste journey, freshly roasted and packaged for you to enjoy at home, work or on the road. The filter bundle showcases coffees from our entire range, so you’ll get to enjoy our freshest arrivals and returning favourites in our standard release sizes of 2 x 200g/250g (depending on the origin featured), bundled together for a promotional price.

Autumn Edition

KENYA – Muburi | SL28, Ruiru 11 – Washed | 250g

Tastes of: Toffee, orange peel, blackcurrant.

The Muburi Coffee Factory is part of the Rwama Coffee farmers Society, consisting of 1,200 active farming members.  Established in 1964 covering 7 acres of land represented by the Gituga, Kiangoro, Muburi and Kagukuma Villages. This new harvest selection was picked off the cupping table for is rich red fruit characteristics and syrupy mouth feel. A robust, full of flavour coffee this will appeal to those that enjoy the typical Kenyan taste profile.

Costa Rica – The Santuario Project | Red Bourbon – Barrel Mossto | 250g

Tastes of: Red wine, blackberry, dark chocolate

Discover Tres Milagros coffee. Hailing from Costa Rica’s revered Tres Rios region. Under the nurturing guidance of agronomic engineer Nelsyn Hernandez, this 105-hectare estate has been transformed from neglect to excellence. Teaming up with Camilo Merizalde from the esteemed Santuario Project, each step of post-harvest processing is meticulously crafted.

Harvested at peak ripeness, the red bourbon cherries undergo a journey of anaerobic fermentation with Mossto for 72 hours, followed by gentle sun drying on African beds for 18 days. Finally, a delicate finishing touch involves a 3-hour drying phase on guardiolas and humidity stabilization in fique bags. The result? A cup of coffee that embodies the rich terroir of its origins, boasting deep flavors and sweet red berry characteristics.

We had the pleasure of cupping this coffee in person with Nelson and Camilo on our origin trip to Costa Rica last year. It shone on the cupping table, ticking all the boxes as a coffee that is a true testament to the producers passion, expertise, and pursuit of perfection.

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